3 reasons why (and 3 reasonons why not) to take a three-hour cruise on the Vltava River, in Prague

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I recently wrote about Prague, the reason why it is special and what to do in this city. And so far, nothing new.

The odd thing is the fact  that someone read this article of mine asking a second episode, dealing with ‘Ferry trip along the Moldava River’ (Vltava River in local language).

And here I am, writing 3 Reasons Why is definitely worth doing it, during your stay in Prague. And even 3 contraindications, because the truth and the exact opposite often coincide.

Reasons WHY:
1 – By choosing the three-hour cruise that departs at 18 or 18.30 you’ll see the city in the early stages of the sunset and during the first moments when they start to turn on the lights in the evening. This alone justifies all the journey.

2 -You can also have lunch or dinner (in my opinion the latter is the  best option for the reasons referred to in point 1) on board. The  prices are very low (approximately 500 CZK, [20 €]).

3 – If you get acquainted with someone in the journey, if in some non-touristy pubs you have a chat with the natives or if you exchange info with other well informed guests of your hotel, inquire about any private party organized on some mini-boat. I did it and it was a way to get to know the locals and tourists. The spaces are narrow and you have no choice but socializing.
* it is considered deeply rude not to accept a ‘one shot’ offered by a stranger.
* it is considered deeply rude not to reciprocate the offer shortly after.

And why NOT:
1 – Obviously, the first drawback is related to those who suffer from seasickness. And even those who usually stand motions over the water should avoid it, if a bit drunk the night before. A light (or anything but light) headache may occur.

2 -If you’re vegetarian, forget the matter of the meal. Unless you settle for very little food suitable for you and wine.

3 – The private party is not recommend to those who don’t like socializing in situations where it is mandatory to do so. And who doesn’t stand or like alcohol. And to those who are intolerant to certain types of music.

That’s how I did: at the time, I didn’t drink anything BUT as soon as the boat mooved and I realized that I had to listen to techno music for three hours, I immediately accepted the one shot of rum offered by a young couple ( he was local, she was from the US). I forgot about the music, talked about international politics and I told Italian jokes….  and I realized that I dont’ like rum.

Well, enough with bad advices and bad practices, let’s move on to more healthy and useful things.

How to do it?
The easiest way is to go to the port and choose among the several offers available by the different companies.
It is also useful to ask info at the hotel, not only because they have all the brochures with options and prices but also because they often have agreements with some companies and you might have discounts as customers.

If you prefer to book your trip in advance, some companies such as myczechrepublic also offer a bus service or guided walk to the boat.
Also for the more organized travellers, the cruise company-prague has great reviews on Trip Advisor, and allows you to organize a private party on a boat. And the menu seems to be very good.


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