5kg of luggage for a trip of 20 days. Practical example

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Let’s see a brief practical example, with graphics support, of how to prepare a super capsule luggage for a 20 or more days trip.

We speak of a summer trip. In due time, I’ll write something on  autumn-winter luggage.

IMG_20140723_111107 IMG_20140723_093933

Let’s start with this picture of the final result, which is illustrated by one of my worst selfie.

5.08 Kg weight.




Here you can already see 11 possible combinations:
1 jeans with all the  tops + patchwork skirt  whose colors recalls those of all the tops (I prefer not to match long skirts with T-shirts, but if you do, here  you’ll have 3 more possible combinations, and you would get to 14!!)


2 long summer dresses.
I often use soutaines. The one you see in the photo may be used as a dress (with accessories) for very hot and not humid evenings. Bring a 4 seasons foulard, however, and you’ll be safe even in the event a night party on the beach. The other that you see in the pic is a strapless dress that easily becomes a long skirt. The top (bodice and / or waist and hips) recalls the colors of the tops. So, long skirt and tops will give you 4 other combinations.
In my suitcase there’s then space left for three pairs of shoes (ballerinas + flat sandals + heeled sandals), two light wool or cotton,  beauty and lingerie.

For an advice to gain speed in doing all this, see also the four key words to quickly prepare your suitcase.


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