When vagabonds… killed Kenny

Leggi in italiano

Every nation, in every corner of the globe, needs scapegoats. It is a cultural thing, which serves to keep the masses quiet until the next economic crisis, sometimes until the next war.

For those who are preparing or aspires to become a compulsive wanderer or for those who already are, more or less consciously, it is good to know that at any latitude  you’ll be seen by many as the one that in South Park, at some point, kills Kenny and unleash the anger and indignation of all.

Let me explain you why:

1 – Far from home, you will be tourists. Strangers.
At first you’ll generate curiosity. Then, even after having been in a place for months and months, you will be those who brought the denaturalization of the territory and its culture, and the fall of moral behavior, scabies and smallpox, the loss of linguistic heritage, the death of Kenny.

2 – At ‘home’ after your return, you will be the ones who ‘well, you are blessed, you have the money to travel’. No one will take care of the fact that you have chosen not to have a car, that you have not bought a house and maybe you have even chosen not to start a family. Even so, who will care about the latter thing, perhaps would blame you for the  denaturalization of the territory and its culture, and the fall of moral behavior, scabies and smallpox, for killing the sanctity of the family and for killing Kenny.

3 – All people will ask you what you did when you were away, what did you see, what you ate (these are scientifically,  the three questions that everyone will make in 78.2% of cases-data obtained from my automatic generator of percentages ).
But as soon as you begin to tell, no one will be really interested, if not waiting to hear you say ‘yeah, but how you eat / live here … nowhere else in the wolrd!’. If you won’t reply in this way after the (rhetoric) question ‘but why have you come back, in your shoes I would have  stayed there’ … they won’t blame you for killing Kenny.
Because you’ll be Kenny.



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