Travellers don’t follow the fashion. They make it.

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giulia 1Travellers don’t follow the fashion. They make it. Sometimes without knowing it and despite of themselves.
My dear backpack – ladies, tell the truth, you would never have imagined that the new fashions and trends of the catwalks could draw inspiration from your misfortune and clumsy actions. Instead it seems so. Here are some examples.

It seems there are many people willing to pay for the shatush effect. Trend suitable for long and straight hair (not recommended for curly since the process involves the backcombing).
We all know and admire the result: Triple hair tips ffect, as when they are so stressed to lose three shades. A scientific answer to a phrase that many of you have said:
‘In summer, my hair don’t become lighter. They just disintegrate ‘.
Typically, this effect tends to be self generated spontaneously on the heads of lady sailors and girls addicted to sports offshore.
Together with the shape of tanning goggles and scorched face, these fashion trends come back cyclically.

giorgiaLet’s analyze another thought quite recurring in a traveler’s mind, that is poured on the catwalks:
I love the small luggage and carry the bare minimum. So then ,if I need an extra sweater, I can always wear his/hers’.
Where ‘his/hers’ refers to the Travel Partner, unaware that he/she will have to face at least one night in the moonlight… freezing.
Well, you petty and sometimes accompanied wayfarers, you know that thing, as a mere matter of style, can also extend to his jeans, since the Boyfriend jeans are the new must – pop – trend (if you know other meaningless words, please tell me).

Third case study:
Early morning.
No coffee.
Out of the house with socks and flip flops (yes, we all know that that’s possibile, come on!), Plaid pajamas and raincoat. Hair held up by a miracle and sunglasses. Under the eyeglasses. Someone, seeing you,  may call the police. Someone else might photograph you to give ideas and suggestions to the upcoming catwalks, as previously mentioned.

Last item worth of attention: some people tend to call or perceive as a variation of the smoky makeup, the cluster of bitumen coated and dark circles around the eyes of all lazy girls, too busy to reflect about the universse to remove mascara before going to bed.
Let people think it, that’s okay.

Thanks to Giulia and Giorgia, continuous sources of visual inspiration. Now that I’m authorized to the theft of pieces of  your life, you’ll be in my invaluable list of Global Traveller models.



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