5 best Art-streets I’ve ever seen

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Art is like Love; it is all around us.
I’ve personally looked for street art & street music everywhere and everywhere I’ve found it.
Here is my personal top5 list of the best street that lovers of art in general (and street art in particular) should definitely visit.

Graffiti and visual art

melb graffiti street artIn Melbourne, you can walk along Yarra Street, Hoiser Lane. It’s like getting into a color cartoon, you will remember it for a lifetime. Hours and hours watching and reading walls of shops and houses, shutters, doors and trash cans. It will be hard to find an inch color free. ANd you’ll get out colored as well.


berlin wallTalking about graffiti, Berlin must be mentioned. ‘The Wall’ is predominant, for sure. It tells the story and feelings of an entire generation and decade (or even Century). But there are a lot of house and school walls all around the suburbs and the East part whose impact is very strong, colourful though dramatic. A must see as well.

Let’s go with Music.

In NYC you can’t miss Washington Square Park, in the heart of Greenwich Village.  Here you can listen to amazing jazz concerts, and not only. Acrobats, jugglers, young politicians, talents that we’ll probably hear about in the next years, as it happened with a guy called Bob Dylan who, as a young boy, started playing just here.

glan hansard graftonGrafton Street in Dublin.
One of the talents born in this paradise-like corner of music, is the Irish singer and actor Glan Hansard. Some years ago, before making concerts with ‘The Boss’, it was possible to find him here, playing his old holed guitar (that you can see also in the movie Once). What you’ll miss more leaving Dub is music itself, Grafton and all the crazy things that you can see just here (like the Street Carrols sung by Hansard and Bono, just to make an example).

Milan by night street art Have you ever seen the cold Milan by night?
Well, you should. Precisely along the streets of Brera, where you can see, besides magicians, also musicians, painters, jugglers. You’ll see a city much more romantic than the (in my opinion) overrated Paris. Try and tell me.

I dedicate this article, written with the company of Anna, to all the Bad  Companies.


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